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People You Mingle

Here is a beautiful shot of some beautiful people in the audience of the Asia Model Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Well, even the audience is beautiful! Yeah, at this lovely event held in Spring every year you get to see and mingle with beautiful people from Korea and other Asian countries.

Based on the model networks by Asia Model Festival organized by the Korean Model Association, it enables an exchange of various cultures through the interaction of models where Asia's top new star models are selected, this is the cradle of top models.

A year-long tour of Asia 15 countries was conducted in 2014 to select promising Asian new star models. Asia New Star Model Contest is the dream festival for the selected Asian new star models to participate in the final contest. The talented Asia new star models that are chosen from the contest will get opportunities to grow as top Asian models, and further as world famous models.

As you can imagine, many Asian countries participate in this prestigious and grand event. Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Myanmar have been participating in Face of Asia for many years already. It’s the preliminary to Asia New Star Model Contest that Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan had planned on participating as well from this 2015 onward.