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Ever heard of KPop? KDrama? Of course! And you must be pleased to know there is also KModel. The Asia Model Festival as you must have already known is organized by the Korean Model Association, bringing the best models and glamorous and beautiful people from all over Asia, and that includes Korean Models from a country famous for its fantastic brand of KPop! The photo above shows the handsome male models during the talent session for the Face of Korea competition in the year 2015. Fighting! Hahaha...

They not only have to look good but must have the talents and personality to match. It is therefore no surprise that many Korean singers, actors and actresses are also models or ex-models. It is not only great for modeling as a career but indeed also a great platform for would be stars in the entertainment industry! For example, Lee Jongsuk, famous for his role in Doctor Stranger and other K dramas, was a model in his previous career.

For talent scouts, this is certainly not an event to be missed!