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KModel Awards

Well, the KModel Awards stand for Korean Model Awards. There is of course another K Model Awards held in the Asia Model Festival, that is, the Kids Model Awards. KModel Awards is not only organized to choose the best Korean models for the Asia Model Festival event but it is also an event or sub-event to award and celebrate with the people who work very hard in the related beauty and model industry.


Asia Model Festival is an ambitious grand event which is not just a model event but a series of events that culminates in the grand final event. It is actually a three day event comprising three categories, the "Asia Model Awards", "New Star Model Contest" and the Asia 美 or Beauty Festival. There are lots of exciting and interesting shows in the event, including some performances by some famous KPop artistes and bands. So, do watch out for it!

In order to let the world know about Asia’s models and business related to fashion and beauty and to introduce worldwide brands and artists in Asia, Asia Model Festival has been developed as the core icon of Asia’s culture industry and a global culture platform.