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Bevy of Beauties

A bevy of beauties as you can expect from any model competition but this is not just any model competition. It is the Asia Model Festival, held in Seoul, South Korea and organized by the Korean Model Association. These sexy, lovely and beautiful girls are participating in the Face of Korea, Female awards.

They are vying for the prestigious and ultimate model awards, the Asia New Star Model Awards!

Each participant has to go through stringent selection procedures where they are not judged just for their beauty and looks but also their personality, knowledge and talent. These girls will have a bright future in the modeling industry as Asian models are very much in demand today globally. Not only that but they will also be able to grow their career in related industries, such as the beauty and entertainment industries to become superstars in their own right!

As the popularity of KPop continues to grow and spread around the world, and as countries in the Asia Pacific region.in particular, China, rise, their demand will continue to soar. All this will have a multiplier effect on the industry in Asia to spread to other related industries in fashion, beauty, entertainment, etc.

„A giant step begins with a tiny move for you to become a star“

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