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Face of Singapore, Asia Model Festival

Welcome to the Face of Singapore organized by PYM International Model in conjunction with Asia Model Festival by Korean Model Association. This is the second time that we are running this event but the Asia Model Festival has already been running for the tenth year already. We are therefore proud and honored to be able to be able to be associated with this event again.

Winners of Face of Singapore will have the opportunity to represent Singapore in the prestigious Asia Model Festival Awards held in Seoul, South Korea every year in the month of April. We are now selecting for participants of the 2016 Asia Model Festival.

At least two contestants will represent Singapore in Seoul in 2016, one male and one female. In addition, there will also be two celebrity participants chosen to represent Singapore. All costs will be paid for by the organizers of Asia Model Festival.

To qualify for the event, please register and login to this site first to enter the online competition which will be a selection process for the qualifying rounds. Once you are selected in the online competition, we will then conduct a final offline audition to select the finalists for the grand final event. Good luck!

If you have what it takes, flaunt it! Fighting! Join, and strut your stuff here!

„We warmly welcome you, and look forward to seeing all of you, beautiful girls and handsome boys, to participate in this prestigious event.“

- Thanking you in anticipation of your very important endeavors hereof 고맙습니다! -