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Face of Singapore, Asia Model Festival

Welcome to the Face of Singapore organized by PYM International Model in conjunction with Asia Model Festival by Korean Model Association. This is the second time that we are running this event but the Asia Model Festival has already been running for the tenth year already. We are therefore proud and honored to be able to be able to be associated with this event again.

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People You Mingle

Here is a beautiful shot of some beautiful people in the audience of the Asia Model Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Well, even the audience is beautiful! Yeah, at this lovely event held in Spring every year you get to see and mingle with beautiful people from Korea and other Asian countries.

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Bevy of Beauties

A bevy of beauties as you can expect from any model competition but this is not just any model competition. It is the Asia Model Festival, held in Seoul, South Korea and organized by the Korean Model Association. These sexy, lovely and beautiful girls are participating in the Face of Korea, Female awards.

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KModel Awards

Well, the KModel Awards stand for Korean Model Awards. There is of course another K Model Awards held in the Asia Model Festival, that is, the Kids Model Awards. KModel Awards is not only organized to choose the best Korean models for the Asia Model Festival event but it is also an event or sub-event to award and celebrate with the people who work very hard in the related beauty and model industry.

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Ever heard of KPop? KDrama? Of course! And you must be pleased to know there is also KModel. The Asia Model Festival as you must have already known is organized by the Korean Model Association, bringing the best models and glamorous and beautiful people from all over Asia, and that includes Korean Models from a country famous for its fantastic brand of KPop! The photo above shows the handsome male models during the talent session for the Face of Korea competition in the year 2015. Fighting! Hahaha...

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